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Hello there, today we'll be exploring how to grow your hair 2-4 inches in a week and, most importantly, is it even possible? So i'm guessing, since you're reading this, you want to grow your hair in a week, am I right? I do blab on quite a bit don't I? (sorry!) Right, let's get on with it. So here's how it's done. I'll be introducing you to the inversion method with a twist from myself. Traditionally, the inversion method was done using an inversion table - we will not be using anything as extreme as an inversion table, thankfully.

Step one Choose an oil that promotes hair growth, for example, castor oil, coconut oil, sweet almond oil, are all great oils for hair growth. The Hair Growth Oil that I use, is super effective at encouraging hair growth and growing new hair that may have fallen out. It contains no chemicals and is made from only raw, cold pressed organic ingredients. Step two

Take a picture of your hair before starting, I recommend this so that you can see noticeable results. Sometimes we may not realise how much our hair has grown as we see it so often. Next, apply the oil of your choice to your scalp, make sure you coat all of your scalp in a generous amount of oil. Massage the oil in to your scalp for 5 minutes.

Step three Tilt your head down so that you're looking at the floor. Massage your scalp again for another 5 minutes, make sure that you set a timer for exactly 5 minutes to avoid dizziness.

Step four Return to the starting position and leave the oil in your hair for 30 minutes minimum, you can also leave it in overnight (this will give you the best results)! While you wait you can pamper yourself; run a hot bubble bath, try a face mask, paint your nails, etc. I like to condition my lashes with this eyelash and eyebrow oil. It leaves my eyelashes and eyebrows feeling super moisturised and strong. If you're a dude you can treat your face with a face mask and apply some beard oil to your facial hair to keep your facial hair, and the skin beneath it, healthy and fresh. Step five After you've left the oil in, you can now wash it out. Start by running your scalp and hair under warm (NOT HOT) water to get rid of the excess oil. You can then shampoo your hair thoroughly, making sure you remove all of the oil. Shampoo again if needed. Don't forget to condition your hair as some shampoos strip your hair of natural oils. Step six

Strut your beautiful locks and repeat these steps as often as needed, some repeat daily, some repeat weekly and some repeat monthly.

Here is a recent video of how to grow your hair faster and longer, with all the steps and a demonstration and of course, the results.

Here is an older video but still has some great useful tips on how to grow long healthy hair faster.

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